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Sherry Stringfield Actor24-Jun-1967--Dr. Susan Lewis on ER
Nathan Seiberg Physicist22-Sep-1956--String theorist at Princeton
Charlie Hunter Jazz Musician23-May-1967--8-string jazz guitar virtuoso
Edward Witten Physicist26-Aug-1951--String theorist at Princeton
Gabriele Veneziano Physicist20-Feb-1942--Father of string theory
Peter Woit Physicist1957--String Theorist
Michio Kaku Physicist24-Jan-1947--String Theory
Erik Verlinde Physicist21-Jan-1962--String theorist, Verlinde Formula
Elliot Sharp Musician1951--New York avant-garde musician
Robert Fripp Guitarist16-May-1946--King Crimson
Neville Marriner Conductor15-Apr-192402-Oct-2016Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
John Barbirolli Conductor02-Dec-189929-Jul-1970Conductor at The Hallé, 1943-70
Stephen Strang Religion1950--Charisma magazine
Sy Sternberg Business24-Jun-1943--CEO of New York Life
August Strindberg Playwright22-Jan-184914-May-1912Röda Rummet
Barrett Strong Musician05-Feb-1941--Influential Motown singer and composer
Rider Strong Actor11-Dec-1979--Shawn on Boy Meets World
Sir Robert Strange Engraver14-Jul-172105-Jul-1792Scottish line engraver
Sarah Strange Actor06-Sep-1974--Helen in Da Vinci's Inquest
Robert C. Strong Diplomat29-Sep-191528-Dec-1999US Ambassador to Iraq, 1963-67

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