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Slade Gorton Politician08-Jan-1928--US Senator from Washington, 1981-2001
Elisabeth Sladen Actor01-Feb-194819-Apr-2011Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who
John Ericson Actor23-Sep-1926--The Return of Jack Slade
Mimi Rogers Actor27-Jan-1956--Someone To Watch Over Me
Thomas Ian Nicholas Actor10-Jul-1980--American Pie
Richard Hatch Actor21-May-194507-Feb-2017Apollo on Battlestar Galactica
Hoyt Axton Country Musician25-Mar-193826-Oct-1999Folk singer, songwriter, composer
John O'Hurley Actor09-Oct-1954--J. Peterman on Seinfeld
Kelly Slater Surfer11-Feb-1972--Eleven-time World Champion surfer
Alan Sillitoe Novelist04-Mar-192825-Apr-2010The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Georg Solti Conductor21-Oct-191205-Sep-1997Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Gene Shalit Critic25-Mar-1932--Film critic
Álvaro Obregón Head of State19-Feb-188017-Jul-1928President of Mexico, 1920-24
Gregory L. Schulte Government1958--US Ambassador to the IAEA, 2005-09
Jeremy Slate Actor17-Feb-192619-Nov-2006The Mini-Skirt Mob
Peter Sollett Film Director09-Feb-1976--Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
John Berry Film Director06-Sep-191729-Nov-1999The Bad News Bears Go to Japan
Charlotte Salt Actor12-Aug-1985--Sam Nicholls on Casualty
Chief Dan George Actor24-Jul-189923-Sep-1981Little Big Man
Russell E. Solt Business1948--West Marine, Inc.

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