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Sam Seder Radio Personality28-Nov-1966--Majority Report podcast
Bart Starr Football09-Jan-1934--Green Bay Packers QB, 1956-71
Ken Starr Government21-Jul-1946--Special Prosecutor, Clinton's impeachment
Roy Scheider Actor10-Nov-193210-Feb-2008Jaws
David Souter Judge17-Sep-1939--US Supreme Court Justice, 1990-2009
Syd Straw Musician1955--Folk-rock chick
Laetitia Sadier Singer06-May-1968--Chanteuse for Stereolab
John Augustus Sutter Explorer15-Feb-180318-Jun-1880California gold rush
Mark Souder Politician18-Jul-1950--Congressman from Indiana, 1995-2010
William A. Seiter Film Director10-Jun-189026-Jul-1964Allegheny Uprising
Mike Starr Bassist04-Oct-196608-Mar-2011Bassist for Alice In Chains
Sten Sture the Younger Government149203-Feb-1520Regent of Sweden, 1530-20
Ralph C. Stayer Business1943--CEO of Johnsonville Sausage
Mike Starr Actor29-Jul-1950--Goodfellas
Kurt Sutter Screenwriter05-May-1960--Creator, Sons of Anarchy
Paul Starr Educator12-May-1949--The Social Transformation of American Medicine
Jesse Shwayder Business26-Mar-188224-Jul-1970Founder of Samsonite Corporation
Kenneth I. Starr Criminal1943--Ran a $35M Ponzi scheme
William F. Sater Historian17-Nov-1937--Chile and the War of the Pacific
Chauncey Starr Physicist14-Apr-191217-Apr-2007Electric Power Research Institute

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