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Gioacchino Rossini Composer29-Feb-179213-Nov-1868William Tell Overture
Celeste Holm Actor29-Apr-191715-Jul-2012Gentleman's Agreement
Ronald Reagan Head of State06-Feb-191105-Jun-200440th US President, 1981-89
Emmy Rossum Actor12-Sep-1986--The Day After Tomorrow
James Risen Journalist1955--NY Times national security reporter
Ron Reagan Relative28-May-1958--Son of Ronald Reagan
John Ruskin Critic08-Feb-181920-Jan-1900Greatest Victorian art critic
Knute Rockne Football04-Mar-188831-Mar-1931Notre Dame Head Coach, 1918-30
Jean Racine Playwright20-Dec-163921-Apr-1699Phèdre
Jef Raskin Computer Programmer09-Mar-194326-Feb-2005Designed Macintosh human interface
Hilary Rosen Lobbyist22-Oct-1958--CEO of the RIAA, 1998-2003
Serge Reggiani Musician02-May-192222-Jul-2004French singer, actor, painter
Joe Rogan Actor11-Aug-1967--Host of Fear Factor
Arthur Rackham Artist19-Sep-186706-Sep-1939British Golden Age children's book illustrator
Patti Davis Relative21-Oct-1952--Reagan's prodigal daughter
Maureen Reagan Relative04-Jan-194108-Aug-2001Daughter of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman
Jim Rogan Politician21-Aug-1957--Congressman from California, 1997-2001
Donald Regan Government21-Dec-191810-Jun-2003US Secretary of the Treasury, 1981-85
Alan Rosskamm Business06-Jan-1950--CEO of Charming Shoppes
Patricia Rozema Film Director20-Aug-1958--Mansfield Park

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