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Jason Kidd Basketball23-Mar-1973--Ten-time NBA All-Star point guard
Chip Kidd Designer1964--Cheese Monkeys
Johnny Kidd Musician23-Dec-193907-Oct-1966Shakin' All Over
Benjamin Kidd Sociologist09-Sep-185802-Oct-1916Social Evolution
Michael Kidd Choreographer12-Aug-191523-Dec-2007Award-winning choreographer
Nerine Shatner Relative195909-Aug-1999William Shatner's drowned wife
Tillie Fowler Politician23-Dec-194202-Mar-2005Congresswoman from Florida
Margot Kidder Actor17-Oct-1948--Lois Lane in Superman
Tracy Kidder Author12-Nov-1945--The Soul of a New Machine
C. Robert Kidder Business1945--CEO of Borden Chemical, 1995-2002
Rushworth M. Kidder Author08-May-194405-Mar-2012Founder, Institute for Global Ethics
Bill Williams Actor21-May-191521-Sep-1992The Adventures of Kit Carson
David Keith Actor08-May-1954--Firestarter
Fela Kuti Musician15-Oct-193802-Aug-1997God of Afrobeat
Eartha Kitt Singer17-Jan-192725-Dec-2008Catwoman
Yaphet Kotto Actor15-Nov-1937--Homicide
William Katt Actor16-Feb-1951--Greatest American Hero
Thomas Kyd Playwright1558Aug-1594The Spanish Tragedy
Andrew Kohut Pundit02-Sep-194208-Sep-2015Pew Research Center pollster
Alexander M. Keith Judge22-Nov-1928--Minnesota Chief Justice, 1990-98

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