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Richard Jewell Victim17-Nov-196229-Aug-2007Innocent security guard blamed for bombing
Sally Jewell Business21-Feb-1956--US Secretary of the Interior
Linda Jewell Diplomat1953--US Ambassador to Ecuador
Geri Jewell Actor13-Sep-1956--Deadwood
Billy Joel Pianist09-May-1949--Didn't start the fire
Jerry Juhl Screenwriter27-Jul-193827-Sep-2005Head writer, The Muppet Show
James Prescott Joule Physicist24-Dec-181811-Oct-1889English physicist, Joule's Law
Gaston Julia Mathematician03-Feb-189319-Mar-1978Creator of the Julia Sets
John Jewel Religion24-May-152223-Sep-1571Defender of Anglicanism
Justine Joli Pornstar16-Jul-1980--Carnival Sluts and Circus Dicks
E. Grady Jolly Judge03-Oct-1937--5th Circuit Court of Appeals
Hubert Joly Business1960--CEO of Best Buy
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