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Hermann Hesse Author02-Jul-187709-Aug-1962Siddhartha
Howard Hawks Film Director30-May-189626-Dec-1977Rio Bravo
Hilly Hicks Actor04-May-1950--Character actor
Hugo Haase Politician29-Sep-186307-Nov-1919German parliamentarian, Marxist, pacifist
Hunter Hayes Country Musician09-Sep-1991--Storm Warning
Hugo Haas Actor18-Feb-190101-Dec-1968King Solomon's Mines
Frank L. Houx Politician12-Dec-185403-Apr-1941Governor of Wyoming, 1917-19
Thomas R. Hix Business1948--CFO of Cooper Cameron, 1995-2002
Tony Hawk Skateboarder12-May-1968--Pro skateboarder
Theodor Heuss Head of State31-Jan-188412-Dec-1963President of Germany, 1949-59
Victor Hugo Author26-Feb-180223-May-1885Les Miserables
Darren Hayes Singer/Songwriter08-May-1972--Savage Garden vocalist
Catherine Hicks Actor06-Aug-1951--Annie Camden on 7th Heaven
Jaroslav Hasek Author30-Apr-188303-Jan-1923The Good Soldier Svejk
Ethan Hawke Actor06-Nov-1970--Dead Poets Society
Sidney Hook Philosopher20-Dec-190212-Jul-1989Pragmatist
Anne Heche Actor25-May-1969--Marin Frist on Men in Trees
Enver Hoxha Head of State16-Oct-190811-Apr-1985Ruler of Albania, 1944-85
Bill Hicks Comic16-Dec-196126-Feb-1994Visionary comedian, met untimely death
Robert Hooke Scientist18-Jul-163503-Mar-1703Law of Elasticity, microscopist

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