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Ghostface Killah Rapper09-May-1970--Wu-Tang Clan
Alice Ghostley Actor14-Aug-192621-Sep-2007Bernice Clifton on Designing Women
Jennifer Love Hewitt Actor21-Feb-1979--Ghost Whisperer
Red Grange Football13-Jun-190328-Jan-1991The Galloping Ghost
George Lowe Actor1958--Voice of Space Ghost
M. R. James Author01-Aug-186212-Jun-1936Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
Demi Moore Actor11-Nov-1962--Ghost
Scarlett Johansson Actor22-Nov-1984--Ghost World, Lost in Translation
Forest Whitaker Actor15-Jul-1961--Ghost Dog
Edward Mulhare Actor08-Apr-192324-May-1997The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Thora Birch Actor11-Mar-1982--Enid from Ghost World
Ivan Reitman Film Director27-Oct-1946--Ghost Busters
Kevin Mitnick Hacker06-Aug-1963--Ghost in the Wires
Daniel Clowes Cartoonist14-Apr-1961--Eightball, Ghost World, David Boring
Jerry Zucker Film Director11-Mar-1950--Ghost
Robert Lowery Actor17-Oct-191326-Dec-1971The Mummy's Ghost
Terry Zwigoff Film Director18-May-1949--Ghost World
Peter Straub Novelist02-Mar-1943--Ghost Story
Desmond Harrington Actor19-Oct-1976--Ghost Ship
Lionel Atwill Actor01-Mar-188522-Apr-1946The Ghost of Frankenstein

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