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Enzo Ferrari Business18-Feb-189814-Aug-1988Legendary automobile maker
Patrick Ewing Basketball05-Aug-1962--New York Knicks, 1986-2000
Garth Ennis Author16-Jan-1970--Creator of Preacher comic book
Busby Berkeley Film Director29-Nov-189514-Mar-1976Strike Up the Band
Thomas Ewing Politician28-Dec-178926-Oct-1871Ohio Senator, cabinet official
Edie Adams Actor16-Apr-192515-Oct-2008Lover Come Back
Max Baucus Politician11-Dec-1941--US Senator from Montana
John Ennis Comic06-May-1964--Mr. Show with Bob and David
Quintus Ennius Poetc. 239 BCc. 170 BCFounder of Roman literature
Michael Enzi Politician01-Feb-1944--US Senator from Wyoming
John Enos III Actor12-Jun-1962--Bullet, The Rock
Johann Franz Encke Astronomer23-Sep-179126-Aug-1865Investigated comets and asteroids
Georges Enesco Composer19-Aug-188104-May-1955Oedipe
William Russell Actor19-Nov-1924--Ian Chesterton on Doctor Who
Mireille Enos Actor22-Sep-1975--Sarah Linden on The Killing
Jessica Ennis Track and Field28-Jan-1986--Heptathlete
Fred Ewanuick Actor23-Jun-1971--Hank Yarbo on Corner Gas
M. Michael Einik Diplomat1949--US Ambassador to Macedonia, 1999-2001
António Ramalho Eanes Head of State25-Jan-1935--President of Portugal, 1976-86
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