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Constantine the Great Royalty27-Feb-272 AD22-May-337 ADRoman Emperor, 306-37
Constantine I Royalty02-Aug-186811-Jan-1923King of Greece, 1913-17 and 1920-22
Constantine P. Cavafy Poet29-Apr-186329-Apr-1933Greek poet in Alexandria
Michael Constantine Actor22-May-1927--My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Constantine II Royalty02-Jun-1940--King of Greece, 1964-73
Conn Smythe Hockey01-Feb-189518-Nov-1980Longtime owner, Toronto Maple Leafs
Deno Curris Educator1940--President, AASCU
Emil Constantinescu Head of State19-Nov-1939--President of Romania, 1996-2000
Helena Relativec. 247 ADc. 327 ADMother of Constantine the Great
Lorenzo Valla Scholar140701-Aug-1457Debunked the Donation of Constantine
Pope Stephen II Religion?26-Apr-757 ADForged the Donation of Constantine
St. Athanasius Religion298 AD2-May-373 ADPatriarch of Alexandria, 328-373 AD
Constantius II Royalty7-Aug-317 AD3-Nov-361 ADRoman Emperor, 337-361 AD
John Constable Painter11-Jun-177631-Mar-1837English landscape painter
Anthony Comstock Activist07-Mar-184421-Sep-1915New York Society for the Suppression of Vice
Tim Considine Actor31-Dec-1940--My Three Sons
Peter Cianchette Business1961--US Ambassador to Costa Rica
Bob Considine Journalist04-Nov-190625-Sep-1975Ghostwriter, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
Jeffrey Connaughton Attorney1959--Lobbyist, Quinn Gillespie
Peter Dalton Constable Diplomat10-Apr-1932--US Ambassador to Zaire, 1982-84

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