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Kurt Cobain Musician20-Feb-196705-Apr-1994Lead singer of Nirvana
Frances Bean Cobain Relative18-Aug-1992--Kurt and Courtney's daughter
Garry Cobain Electronic Musician16-May-1967--The Future Sound of London
Charlotte Caffey Guitarist21-Oct-1953--Lead guitarist for The Go-Go's
Damian Chapa Actor29-Oct-1963--Street Fighter
Charles J. Chaput Religion26-Sep-1944--Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia
Nick Cave Singer22-Sep-1957--Bad Seed
Ty Cobb Baseball18-Dec-188617-Jul-1961Legendary Detroit Tigers hitter
Wendy Cope Poet21-Jul-1945--If I Don't Know
Irvin S. Cobb Author23-Jun-187610-Mar-1944Old Judge Priest
John H. Chafee Politician22-Oct-192224-Oct-1999US Senator from Rhode Island, 1976-99
Suzy Chaffee Skier29-Nov-1946--Olympic skier, ChapStick spokesperson
Lincoln Chafee Politician26-Mar-1953--Governor of Rhode Island, 2011-15
Edward Drinker Cope Paleontologist28-Jul-184012-Apr-1897Potential holotype for Homo Sapiens
Jack Cope Novelist03-Jun-1913Mar-1991The Fair House
Dick Covey Astronaut01-Aug-1946--Shuttle astronaut
Paul Coffey Hockey01-Jun-1961--NHL Hall of Famer
Blu Cantrell Singer01-Oct-1976--So Blu
Howell Cobb Politician07-Sep-181509-Oct-1868Congressman, Governor, Treasury Secretary
Robert R. Cupp Judge1951--Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

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