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Steven Culp Actor03-Dec-1955--Clayton Webb on JAG
Robert Culp Actor16-Aug-193024-Mar-2010I Spy
David C. Clapp Business1938--Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs
Gordon Clapp Actor24-Sep-1948--Det. Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue
Priscilla A. Clapp Diplomat?--Chief of Mission in Burma, 1999-2002
Ahmed Chalabi Politician30-Oct-194403-Nov-2015Prominent on the Iraqi Provisional Council
Robert Clive Military29-Sep-172522-Nov-1774Conquered India for Britain
William Colby Spy04-Jan-192027-Apr-1996CIA Director, 1973-75
Roberto Calvi Business13-Apr-192017-Jun-1982Vatican banker who died mysteriously
Bainbridge Colby Government22-Dec-186911-Apr-1950US Secretary of State, 1920-21
Patrick Califia Author08-Mar-1954--FTM transgendered sex writer
Martin Chalfie Scientist1947--Green Fluorescent Protein
Richard W. Colf Business1944--EVP at Peter Kiewit Sons
Per Theodor Cleve Chemist10-Feb-184018-Jun-1905Discovered holmium (Ho) and thulium (Tm)
Frederick Chiluba Head of State30-Apr-194318-Jun-2011President of Zambia, 1991-2002
E. E. Clive Actor28-Aug-187906-Jun-1940Tenney in Bulldog Drummond
Johnny Knoxville Daredevil11-Mar-1971--MTV Jackass
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