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Charlie Chaplin Actor16-Apr-188925-Dec-1977Silent film comedian
Pietro Cavallini Painter12501344Early Italian Renaissance painter
Al Capp Cartoonist28-Sep-190905-Nov-1979Creator of Li'l Abner
Aaron Copland Composer14-Nov-190002-Dec-1990Fanfare for the Common Man
Stewart Copeland Drummer16-Jul-1952--Drummer for The Police
Geraldine Chaplin Actor31-Jul-1944--Doctor Zhivago
Douglas Coupland Novelist30-Dec-1961--Generation X
Miles Copeland Business02-May-1944--Founder of IRS Records
Misty Copeland Dancer10-Sep-1982--Principal dancer, American Ballet Theatre
Royal S. Copeland Politician07-Nov-186817-Jul-1938US Senator from New York, 1923-38
Rhonda Copelon Attorney15-Sep-1944--Law Professor at CUNY
Mitchell Caplan Business1957--CEO of E-Trade, 2003-07
Kenneth Copeland Religion06-Dec-1936--Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Twink Caplan Actor25-Dec-1947--Look Who's Talking
Lizzy Caplan Actor30-Jun-1982--Kat Warbler on The Class
William W. Coblentz Astronomer20-Nov-187315-Sep-1962Infrared spectroscopy
Mortimer M. Caplin Business11-Jul-1916--Caplin & Drysdale
William K. Coblentz Attorney28-Jul-192213-Sep-2010Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass
Edge Wrestling30-Oct-1973--WWE wrestler
James E. Copeland, Jr. Business1945--CEO of Deloitte & Touche, 1999-2003

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