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Robert Baden-Powell Military22-Feb-185708-Jan-1941Founder of the Boy Scout movement
Dr. Michael Baden Doctor1934--Forensic pathologist on HBO's Autopsy
Kathleen M. Bader Business1951--Former Dow Chemical executive
Maximilian von Baden Head of State10-Jul-186706-Nov-1929German Chancellor, 1918
Diedrich Bader Actor24-Dec-1966--The Drew Carey Show
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Judge15-Mar-1933--US Supreme Court Justice
Billy Boyd Actor28-Aug-1968--Pippin in The Lord of the Rings
Benazir Bhutto Head of State21-Jun-195327-Dec-2007Former prime minister of Pakistan
Hans Bethe Physicist02-Jul-190606-Mar-2005Atomic scientist
Brandon Boyd Musician15-Feb-1976--Incubus frontman
Powers Boothe Actor01-Jun-1949--Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones
Walther Bothe Physicist08-Jan-189108-Feb-1957Coincidence method
Ann Beattie Author08-Sep-1947--Chilly Scenes of Winter
W. Geoffrey Beattie Business1960--President and CEO of Woodbridge Company
Walter Baade Astronomer24-Mar-189325-Jun-1960German-American observational astronomer
Don Beddoe Actor01-Jul-190319-Jan-1991The Night of the Hunter
Richard I. Beattie Attorney1939--Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Walter Jackson Bate Critic23-May-191826-Jul-1999Samuel Johnson
Chris Botti Jazz Musician12-Oct-1962--Night Sessions
Harold Budd Electronic Musician24-May-1936--Ambient composer, Eno collaborator

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