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Mischa Auer Actor17-Nov-190505-Mar-1967My Man Godfrey
Leopold Auer Violinist07-Jun-184515-Jul-1930Hungarian violinist, teacher
Jane Bowles Novelist22-Feb-191704-May-1973Two Serious Ladies
Red Auerbach Basketball20-Sep-191728-Oct-2006Boston Celtics coach
weev Hacker01-Sep-1985--Goatse Security
Artie Auerbach Actor17-May-190303-Oct-1957Mr. Kitzel on The Jack Benny Program
Kenneth J. Arrow Economist23-Aug-192121-Feb-2017Social Choice and Individual Values
Lew Ayres Actor28-Dec-190830-Dec-1996All Quiet on the Western Front
Tom Araya Singer06-Jun-1961--Slayer lead singer, bassist
George Biddell Airy Astronomer27-Jul-180102-Jan-1892British Astronomer Royal
Martina Arroyo Singer02-Feb-1937--Operatic soprano
Ramani Ayer Business27-May-1947--CEO of The Hartford, 1997-2009
Claudio Arrau Pianist06-Feb-190309-Jun-1991Chilean virtuoso pianist
Donald B. Ayer Attorney30-Apr-1949--Partner, Jones Day
A. J. Ayer Philosopher29-Oct-191027-Jun-1989Language, Truth and Logic
David Ayer Film Director18-Jan-1968--Fury
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