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Abdullah Azzam Educator194124-Nov-1989Gatekeeper of the Jihad
Todd Akin Politician05-Jul-1947--Congressman from Missouri, 2001-13
Sabine Azéma Actor20-Sep-1949--Same Old Song
Keiko Agena Actor03-Oct-1973--Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls
Clay Aiken Singer30-Nov-1978--American Idol
Liam Aiken Actor07-Jan-1990--A Series of Unfortunate Events
Spiro T. Agnew Politician09-Nov-191817-Sep-1996US Vice President, 1969-73
George Aiken Politician20-Aug-189219-Nov-1984Governor and Senator from Vermont
Conrad Aiken Poet05-Aug-188917-Aug-1973Earth Triumphant
Roger Ascham Scholar151530-Dec-1568The Scholemaster
Les AuCoin Politician21-Oct-1942--Congressman from Oregon, 1975-93
Stephen M. Axinn Attorney1938--Antitrust attorney
Howard Aiken Physicist08-Mar-190014-Mar-1973Designer of early computers
Fouad Ajami Author09-Sep-194522-Jun-2014Director of Middle East Studies, SAIS
Shinehead Singer?--New York-based dancehall vocalist
Kim Hamilton Actor12-Sep-193216-Sep-2013Odds Against Tomorrow
Benigno Aquino III Head of State08-Feb-1960--President of the Philippines
Ellen Wilson First Lady15-May-186006-Aug-1914First wife of US President Woodrow Wilson
Moms Mabley Comic19-Mar-189423-May-1975Pioneering black comedienne
Stanley Fields Actor20-May-188323-Apr-1941Way Out West
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