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Ansel Adams Photographer20-Feb-190222-Apr-1984Yosemite photographer
Alice Adams Novelist14-Aug-192627-May-1999Superior Women
Austin A. Adams Business1943--CIO at JP Morgan Chase, 2004-06
Amy Adams Actor20-Aug-1974--Junebug
Ryan Adams Singer/Songwriter05-Nov-1974--Heartbreaker
John Adams Head of State30-Oct-173504-Jul-18262nd President of the U.S.
Bryan Adams Musician05-Nov-1959--Canadian Rocker
Yolanda Adams Singer27-Aug-1962--Gospel singer, Open My Heart
Douglas Adams Author11-Mar-195211-May-2001Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Samuel Adams Politician27-Sep-172202-Oct-1803Brewer led the Boston Tea Party
Scott Adams Cartoonist08-Jun-1957--Creator, Dilbert
John Quincy Adams Head of State11-Jul-176723-Feb-18486th US President, 1825-29
Scott Adams Computer Programmer1954--Adventureland
Amber Lynn Pornstar03-Sep-1963--Lifestyles of the Blonde and Dirty
Jane Addams Activist06-Sep-186021-May-1935Founder of Hull House
Brooke Adams Actor08-Feb-1949--Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Nick Adams Actor10-Jul-193107-Feb-1968Johnny Yuma on The Rebel
Gerry Adams Politician06-Oct-1948--President of Sinn Fein
Joey Lauren Adams Actor06-Jan-1971--Chasing Amy
Charles Addams Cartoonist07-Jan-191229-Sep-1988The Addams Family

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